We offer a wide variety of items that range from antiques and jewelry to electronics and musical instruments. Furthermore, we match prices and are committed to working with our clients in order for them to be beyond satisfied.



Vehicles, gold, and electronics are just some of the many things we carry. It is important to have a large and diverse selection of items that gives people the opportunity to purchase and sell a multitude of different merchandise. Always welcoming new items.



The idea here is to give people cash quick and easy. No gimmicks, just an efficient method of readily getting money without a hassle.

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One of our hottest commodities is gold and silver. We make sure there is always new inventory for our customers to have a large selection to choose from. Some of our most common attractions would be watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.


Our pawnshop carries just about anything. Western Loan and Jewelry is a perfect place to find good deals on used and new items. Our selection is never ending and in great quality. We also match prices both online and with other stores and are always replenishing stock with new products on a weekly basis.


Come in and take a look for yourself

As a passed down family owned business it is important for us to treat our clients as one of our own. Come into Wester Loan and Jewelry today and take a look for yourself.